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WWII German visor cap souvenir letters 104th infantry division timberwolves

WWII Souvenir and Letter Grouping 104th Infantry

WWII Souvenir and Letter Grouping 104th Infantry0
Item # GM1289

Neat grouping I recently acquired.  This is a collection of letters and souvenirs collected by one soldier, William Rule, who served with the 415th Infantry Regiment, 104th Infantry Division.  Included are about 100 letters home from US and German duty stations, 11 of which are written on captured German NSDAP stationary, four captured German NSDAP documents from Hohenthurm, a visor cap which is a vented Erel and named to a Stabszahlmeister also from Hohenthurm and presumably his shoulder board, a typed narrative of his service beginning with reporting to the draft board Dec 7, 1943 to Aug 23, 1945 when he arrived in California and an address book.  He also wrote a detailed two pages memoir of his combat experience.  It appears he either served into the 1970's as there are a few documents dated as recently as 1973 with a couple name tags and two group photos one from 1952 the other Vietnam era.  

The visor and shoulder board are heavily worn, but still display nicely.  The cap could clean up some, but I chose to leave them exactly as found.  As stated, it is a vented Erel Extra officer's cap.