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Haunted House

Is the Store Haunted?

Is the Store Haunted?0
Yep, that's what we tell people when they ask, and they do ask, usually after coming up from the basement.  We've had several unexplained occurrences in the store to include; phantom feelings, as if someone is tugging at your shirt or pressing against your arm, peripheral sightings of people who are not, or at least should not be there, sudden changes in temperature and barometric pressure, recorded unexplained sounds such as foot steps and chairs dragging on unoccupied levels of the store.  Unexplained smells such as cigar and lilac perfume and creepy feelings as if someone is watching you. 

The building our shop is in was built in the 1850's.  Though I am not aware of any deaths within the building, there has been at least one major fire which gutted the inside sometime in the early 20th century.  Carry Nation's attending physician, when she died here in Leavenworth, had his offices located on the second story of our building.  A dentist also held a practice on the second story in the 1930's.  The main floor held several photographers, a paint shop, Ripley's Sporting Goods, and a grocer.

So, if you want a good scare, stop by and see what, or whom is in.  Who knows, you might even see Elvis!