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Shipping Fees and Charges

Shipping Fees and Charges

For US sales and shipping destinations, no additional shipping fees will be added to your purchase.  The price you see listed with an item is the price you will pay for that item.  I do have to collect sales tax from Kansas shipping destinations.

If you are purchasing from over-seas I do assess a shipping charge.  Because there is no good way to fairly assess rates without some research prior to a sale, I use the increments below as a starting point.  If there is an excessive charge in my favor, I will reimburse you the difference.  If there is an under charge, no worries, I will cover it! 

$0 to $9.99               $4.99

$10.00 to $49.99      $9.99

$50.00 to $99.99      $19.99

$100.00 and up  $29.99