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Overlooked Vintage Jewelry and Collectables

Feeling guilty about buying that German helmet and nothing for your better half?  Check out our sister page, "Overlooked Vintage Jewelry and Collectables".  This page was started by my wife, Julie, with the ladies in mind.  Here you will find a fine selection of vintage jewelry both costume and quality.

Overlooked Antiques on the Yellow Pages

Overlooked Antiques Yellow Pages advertisment and physical address.

Operation East Wind

Operation East Wind is a 9 day long, 24 hour per day immersive milsim event, set in the closing days of the Cold War. From the moment you arrive till the moment you leave, you are surrounded by and living in the life of a soldier deployed on an alert in the Cold War..

You may choose to be a part of either the NATO forces, or the Warsaw Pact with each side having it's own specific options, requirements, advantages, and disadvantages.

Participants at East Wind will experience operating 24 hours a day living on site, 100% immersed in the event for the duration of your stay.

MLH Web Design

Economical Website Design and Hosting for small businesses.  Want a website that is easy to use with great support?  This is it.

S.P.O.O.KS Supernatural Paranormal Organization Of Kansas